2013-10-27 07:30:46 by rainheart666787

So i have been making new tracks and have a bit of a library here on newgrounds. Are there any suggestions or requests for styles or covers to do?

Just ask or let me kno

also if you are using my work please send me an email just to ask and let me know where it is being used.

cheers all


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2013-10-27 11:16:43

My favourite is Drum n' Bass. Liquid is good but I prefer very solid beats and modernised leads.

rainheart666787 responds:

cool, im working on something new, heavy guitar with a drum and bass feel, will put it up later :-)


2013-10-27 11:18:06

...I think electric guitar works very well with the Drum n' Bass drumming style. (That makes more sense than asking a mostly-guitarist to make electronic.)