Looking for Collabs

2013-11-15 15:33:27 by rainheart666787

So i am looking to create a portfolio of my work. Realistically i am flexible and can adapt to almost any style. I have several works in progress. If you have an idea and need music for it just drop me a message, same if you want to do a joint music venture.

Look forward to hearing from you all :-)


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2013-11-15 16:44:13

I wish I had FL upgraded one more time so I could place sound manually, i.e. using your guitars or other instruments, so we could collab despite the style, timezone and distance differences.

On the other hand, I'm not sure if you play a physical keyboard/synth or add them when mixing, but if you ever need some sort of sample or loop just ask. Doesn't even have to count as a collab, but I have a lot of time occasionally.

rainheart666787 responds:

That's awsum dude, i play keyboard / piano as i call it, i assign keys and play to a time sync...its pretty basic lol. I love to jam to stuff and record that way. send me anything and i will give something back lol...not to say im easy..but hey :-p

I love your style and i think your and my styles could go quite well.

if you have any loops you want something added to just send away


2013-11-15 16:46:15

Scratch timezone difference, I only just saw you live in Derby, I'd assumed USA. : /