2014-10-13 16:30:09 by rainheart666787

I am still alive! I have been incredibly busy with creating soundtracks for some youtube channels so sorry for the lack of content.

I have an album out!  https://loudr.fm/release/steve-sharp-phil-smith-collectors-edition-2014/mykuF 

It wouldnt be possible without the support of everyone! Thank you all!


I am already working on the next and would love to hear your suggestions or feedback! 

Take care everyone,


So i joined the Familyjules7x Videogame contest, check out my entry here:



Also there is alot more music and concepts showing up on this mans channel here:



As always I will be putting more of my new stuff on this site and i just wanted to say thank you for the fans I have and for everyone that listens to my stuff. 


Look forward to a covers album coming soon and maybe some animation for the first time!!! STAY TUNED VIEWERS!

New Year, New Goals

2014-01-03 06:10:28 by rainheart666787

So it is the new year, 2014, who would have thought we would all make it eh? 


I have had the pleasure with working with some great people last year and looking forward to a busy and exciting 2014.

I have been lucky to get some exposure on youtube, not only on my channel but working collab with Fighting Leaf. Check out his channel here for our collabs and some funny movie reviews!



Also I am really happy that Fortress Lord's Album Solestar is finally released and is a monster! Be sure to check out his Newgrounds profile and you will know I mean by a Monster Album!



So I will wrap this up, this year for me I will Focusing more on Youtube and Newgrounds profiles performing originals and Video game covers. If you have any suggestions or comments on anything then just drop me a line and i will respond back ASAP!!!! :-)


Take care and have a great 2014



Busy Busy Busy

2013-11-28 06:16:57 by rainheart666787

So collabs have come in and its really pushing me and keeping me on my toes...and I LOVE IT! I am a true believer that working with people more experienced than yourself teaches you so much more about your craft.

A lot has happened and will happen in the next few weeks so stay tuned to see my new projects.

Check out my new Facebook page where i list everything new int he world of Sharp Rain Music

My Youtube where I have some collabs appearing soon!

Also check out these amazing Channels and Newgrounds-ians
Airborn Walrus - http://airbornwalrus.newgrounds.com/ (the batman battle is awsum with music written by...)
Lloyde Sorrow - http://lloydesorrow.newgrounds.com/

Fortress Lord - http://fortresslord.newgrounds.com/ (keep an eye out for his Solestar release! it is going to be epic!)

Anyway til next time, keep being awsum!

Ps. do you like my new logo?

Busy Busy Busy

Looking for Collabs

2013-11-15 15:33:27 by rainheart666787

So i am looking to create a portfolio of my work. Realistically i am flexible and can adapt to almost any style. I have several works in progress. If you have an idea and need music for it just drop me a message, same if you want to do a joint music venture.

Look forward to hearing from you all :-)


2013-10-27 07:30:46 by rainheart666787

So i have been making new tracks and have a bit of a library here on newgrounds. Are there any suggestions or requests for styles or covers to do?

Just ask or let me kno

also if you are using my work please send me an email just to ask and let me know where it is being used.

cheers all


2013-10-18 04:56:50 by rainheart666787

i love making new tracks! got so much inspiration the last few weeks. gonna continue putting my all in! it is probably the best stuff i have composed by far :-)


2013-09-28 19:57:24 by rainheart666787

My name is Steve Sharp.

I have been playing guitar and writting music for about 12 years now. i enjoy composing different melodies and hearing how all the sounds come together. I play all styles of music from rock / metal to accoustic. I am ideally looking to create or team up with other musicians to create a video game score or soundtracks for short comics or videos etc. I am also open for suggestions and comments on my work.

thanks you listening and be sure to check out my soundcloud and youtube for further music.